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Hublot is a brand with a devoted and loyal fanbase for several reasons in addition to releasing some truly fantastic watches. For example, they provide a great level of service that is refreshing for a lot of buyers. If you are not the typical Hublot fan, the Classic Fusion might be worth looking into. And you may not like the Hublot for Ferrari replica watches, Classic Fusion, or any iterations of either, but it is impossible to deny the brand appeal and success as well as their consistency in improving their products. Getting on to the watch itself, the 45mm-wide case would usually be on the upper end of a desired size for me, but given its slimness, I actually would not change it one bit. The polished titanium case is refined by any standard, let alone for a brand that tends to go for louder design choices like Hublot. The H-screws add a masculine edge to it, and though this is a matter of taste, I personally love that they are not all evenly aligned.

The dial itself is black sunray satin-finished, with rhodium-plated appliques and hands. It is handsome enough, but I have to admit that legibility was less than ideal when it was bright out. The power reserve indicator at 10 o clock, a seconds subdial at 6 o clock, and a date window at 3 o clock throw symmetry out the window. But if you ask me, dial symmetry for the sake of dial symmetry is pointless. I like a seconds subdial, and the power reserve indicator is a huge part of why you get this piece. I am 50/50 on date windows, but on replica Hublot for Ferrari watches with an 8-day power reserve that I never had to reset, I have to say I liked having it.

The strap is one of my favorite parts of this Hublot Classic Fusion Power Reserve Titanium watch. It is a black rubber and alligator strap, referred to as the gummy strap. With the alligator leather sewn into the the rubber lining, it is really comfortable and nice-looking. I will take this opportunity to mention again that the name Classic Fusion refers to the fusion of materials, so this strap goes hand in hand with the theme here. It is easy to adjust the size, and that H Hublot logo at the buckle is a nice touch that I enjoyed. Overall, I applaud Hublot for the attention to the detail in the strap as well as the overall execution. I do want to point out one issue here that was a problem for me. I tend to wear my Hublot for Ferrari fake watches somewhat close to the wrist, and the crown is quite sharp around the edges and in a couple of instances it jabbed my wrist which, while not exactly painful, was not a great feeling. Minor complaint, overall, but one worth mentioning.