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By itself, the reference 6541 Hublot is a very rare and valuable watch, and it brings with it an absolutely fantastic history, it is, after all, the first-ever Hublot. However, the well-documented story of this particular reference 6541 Hublot along with the fame of its legendary, NASCAR-champion owner have helped elevate this vintage timepiece to an entirely new level of value and collectibility. The unique histories behind Hublot Big Bang replica watches are just part of the reason why some people choose to collect vintage Hublot rather than contemporary models. In the case of this particular reference 6541 Hublot, its famous previous owner and the unique and well-documented story have helped it achieve a valuation of roughly a quarter of a million dollars.

With the Hublot Classic Fusion Power Reserve Titanium watch, Hublot has created a thin, lightweight watch with the edge of its siblings and a new in-house manual-wind movement that lets you put the watch away to find it still running a week and a day later. It is sleek and thin, but this Classic Fusion maintains that aggressive Hublot look. I've written about the Classic Fusion line in our Cost of Entry series before, but at over $16000 it might give a lot of people some sticker shock and definitely is not an entry-level piece. However, after spending some time with the replica Hublot Big Bang watches, I have to say it grew on me and became a top wearer in my rotation.

The Classic Fusion, introduced in 2004, has been the more discreet, subtle sibling in the Hublot line. In terms of watch nomenclature, the Big Bang is about as autological as you can get - a loud and bold wrist watch designed to get attention. Many brands come to be known as synonymous with one particular watch model by a large segment of the Hublot Big Bang fake watches fan population, but that is not to say that other offerings are not impressive works of design, material, and technical achievement. After wearing the Hublot Classic Fusion 8-Day Power Reserve Titanium watch for some time, I learned to enjoy the quieter Hublot sibling in a way that allows me to appreciate it irrespective of the Big Bang shadow.